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Intrinsically Safe Laptop And Tablet PC

Mobile office has the advantage of portability, but when you need to display video images or need a larger interface to handle work, you need to use a tablet or laptop.

Dorland Industrial Explosion proof Tablet PC is mainly used in flammable and explosive scenes, such as dangerous places with flammable and explosive gases and dust such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, oil depots, tank farms, etc. With a large capacity of battery, it can ensure excellent endurance when displayed on a large screen. Due to its large size, shoulder straps and hand straps can be installed to facilitate carrying and operating the tablet.

Dorland Industrial Explosion proof Notebook PC can be used as the management platform of mobile devices to summarize and analyze the data collected by mobile terminals, and can also cooperate with OA office system, patrol positioning system, data acquisition system, ERP system, MES system, SCADA system and other applications.

Beijing dorland system control technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in safe explosion-proof products research.



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