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Transport Depot And Oil Tank
This program is made by Beijing Dorland System Control Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake the transportation oil depot project of China petroleum Guangzhou Nansha Oil Depot, and the program has been successfully implemented. This plan's main goal is in dangerous areas to use the Dorland Intrinsic Safe mobile phone, the Dorland equipment spot inspection management system (including the Dorland on-site maintenance management of mobile APP), to the purchaser on equipment maintenance management team.
To a line under the maintenance point inspection personnel, by applying the Dorland maintenance management system function, enhances the working efficiency of the maintenance team, improve asset utilization rate, comprehensive and continuous improvement of standardized equipment inspection maintenance management status.
The scheme system covers: Equipment asset management (accounting), maintenance documents, data management maintenance, preventive maintenance, work order management, field point inspection mobile management, and bring their own experience knowledge base, bring their own statement analysis tools, can automatically generate technology, management and maintenance cost analysis report.
Assets maintenance for equipment, vertical and horizontal intersection system analysis, to provide decision support. The supplier will arrange a special project consultant to be in charge of the customer's equipment maintenance, management and improvement project.
The project activities mainly included: implementation of research, data collection, system preparation, training and online support, which met the functional requirements of the project.
Final result
Through the implementation of this solution, the staff can find management equipment and find corresponding documents at any time. The system automatically generates and releases preventive maintenance work orders according to frequency or cycle, and assists in analyzing work orders.
Improve the overall work efficiency of the maintenance team, improve the utilization rate of assets, and comprehensively and continuously improve the status quo of standardized equipment inspection and maintenance management.
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