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Watch control system
This program is made by Beijing Dorland System Control Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., LTD., and has been successfully implemented. With the improvement of safety production requirements, the refinement of equipment daily inspection content, the improvement of frequency, the increasing amount of work and workload, the current work mode in the face of the continuous promotion and refinement of enterprise fine management, some deficiencies are gradually exposed. 
The current inspection mode mainly relies on manual work, and relies on the responsibility of personnel, frequent inspection and other ways to ensure the effectiveness of inspection. However, due to the on-site inspection by inspection personnel, the safety supervision can not be fully tracked, and the authenticity of inspection work is difficult to be fully guaranteed. This solution will solve the current problems.
In this solution, inspection personnel wear smart wearable devices (watches) in hazardous environments and scan inspection labels at key locations and monitoring areas in critical paths to determine inspection work. Inspection personnel can start the inspection at any point in the inspection route until the inspection at the last point is completed to improve inspection efficiency. The inspection records and data are uploaded back to the server for follow-up tracing management, such as whether a point has been inspected and the number of times.
By cooperating with the sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring and step counting functions of the watch, it helps to analyze the health status of employees, analyze the overall health data of all members of the platform, provide reference basis for the safety and production of the platform, and provide feasible reference data basis for individual positions, personnel, scheduling and post adjustment.
Final result
By executing this method, can record inspection information, such as various patrol point whether someone check, whether there is a leak, etc., if there is a special case such as leak and overtime, and so on and so forth can be recorded, so that the record query, and through the inspection point location choice, in practical application scenario Settings, can be installed in the inspection of the key position on the line, It can avoid missing key positions and improve the overall inspection quality. At the same time, by uploading, sorting and analyzing the health information of employees, it can observe and analyze the physical conditions of individuals and the whole staff in real time, give personal health suggestions, and make timely adjustments, such as post rotation, post transfer and shift scheduling, to escort the safe production of enterprises.
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