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Intelligent Inspection And Control System
This scheme is made by Beijing Dorland System Control Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake the PTW electronic system project of Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Co., LTD., and has been successfully implemented. In 2017, the total number of PTW work orders for gas generating units reached 17,000, and there were as many as 50 construction units for gas generating units, and nearly 77% of the special work was focused on fire, height and electricity, which also caused a series of problems: PTW electronic system will solve these problems, such as secondary fire operation before the gas detection, type of blank、alter, inadequate risk identification, not enough homework ticket closed and not timely.
The implementation plan of PTW electronic system is as follows: The first step is system construction, integrating the existing work application form, special work permit and safety disclosure form. Establish PTW electronic business process with three certificates in one; The second step is to integrate PTW system with OA and access control system. Smooth flow of upstream and downstream data; The third step is to improve wisdom, make full use of the advantages of electronic PTW system, simplify repeated operations, and strengthen the function of preventing stay and filling leaks. Truly improve the level of operational safety.
The overall working process is as follows: online application for safe work permit, planning in advance, timely sending of assessment and approval reminder, on-site online approval, photo and video support, and verification of operator identity. The data involved in the whole process can be queried, printed and archived on the computer. Ensure the safe use of work flow and operation management, inspection and mobile office in dangerous places.
Final result
Through the implementation of the PTW electronic system, solved due to homework too much in the singular, the construction unit more secondary hot work prior to gas detection, type of blank, alter, risk identification, not enough homework ticket closed and not timely, reached to the standard specification refinement, avoid workers into effect, through the task given access permissions. Precise field personnel control and automatic selection of approved personnel improves efficiency and enables analysis of operational data to help improve production.
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