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Pre Sale + In Sale

 Collect all information related to customers, so that relevant processing can be made
 in a timely manner according to the information, and archived; Guide users to use products and precautions;Visit customers regularly, understand their usage and new requirements,
and make customer visit records, When communicating with customers, they should be enthusiastic
 and careful to understand the situation when the product has problems,
and put forward solutions to the problems, Sign sales contract.
After Sales + Service Policy
Return and replacement: within 7 days after the customer receives the product,
 if the intrinsically safe explosion-proof products provided by Beijing Delan have quality problems,
 they can be returned and replaced within 7 days,
and the warranty is one year for non-human reasons.Maintenance:contact 
and return within working hours, 
and solve the problem within 10-15 working days.Online guidance: when customers
 encounter use problems, they can contact customer service for online guidance.
Offline training: we will organize offline training for customers to make 
them better understand our products.
After sales process
Find problems:When you find quality problems during use.Contact us:Contact our customer
 service specialist to properly solve the problem for you Send the machine:
If you need to repair, please send the faulty equipment to our headquarters.
For specific contact information, please ask the Commissioner and the official website.Inspection and maintenance:We will carry out fault detection and maintenance on the received equipment,
and will quote you in advance if there is any cost.
Quality inspection:After the repair, we will have special personnel to re detect 
the equipment failure to ensure that everything is safe.
Send it back to the customer:After confirming that the equipment fault 
has been completely handled, we will send it back to you in a timely manner.
Information archiving;We will leave traces on the equipment information and your
 information throughout the whole process to ensure that you can track
the progress of query in real time.
Beijing dorland system control technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in safe explosion-proof products research.



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