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Intrinsically Safe Tablet PC

Dorland industrial explosion-proof smart phones are mainly used in flammable and explosive scenes, such as oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, oil depots, tank farms and other dangerous places with flammable and explosive gases and dust. It is convenient for users to communicate with production and scheduling in a timely manner, and can maintain normal communication in dangerous working environments.

A major feature of tablet computers compared with smartphones is that the screen size is larger (8 inches/10 inches). If you need to use a device to display some videos or images, or if you need to use software to process work with more content, and the phone screen cannot be fully displayed, the tablet computers can bring a better work experience. We also have 5G tablet computers, which have certain advantages over 4G in data transmission, as well as 10500 or even 20000mAh batteries, which better solve the problem of battery life. Due to the large size of the tablet, shoulder straps and hand straps can be installed to facilitate carrying and operating the tablet.

Beijing dorland system control technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in safe explosion-proof products research.



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