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Coating Monitoring In Dangerous Areas

This program is made by Beijing Dorland System Control Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake lenovo paint monitoring project, and the program has been successfully implemented.
General paint coatings are flammable and explosive chemicals, especially in the painting construction, a large number of combustible gas volatilized into the air, very prone to combustion or explosion accidents.
So in order to be safe for operation and allocate stock of inventory, coating, it must be able to satisfy both to monitor the scene of the painting work environment is safe, and convenient to query and allocate water paint and powder paint in stock, and Intrinsic Safe intelligent terminal equipment combined with paint monitoring application system hardware and software is solved the problem.
In the coating factory with paint monitoring application of the PDA, the data collected by the PDA to the computer end, upload to the service period, so that the whole monitoring center to understand the paint inventory and other information, convenient for subsequent inventory allocation and other operations.
The paint mixing room of water paint spraying factory is equipped with electronic scale and scanning code gun to carry out the work of mixing water paint and scanning raw materials respectively. The monitoring room of the powder painting factory is equipped with a tester and a camera, which transmits the tested data and monitored images to the office computer and server. In the spraying room, PDA and sensors are used to transmit the data and environmental monitoring in the spraying room to the server.
The whole process can not only monitor the safety of the field operation environment, but also enable the entire monitoring center to understand the inventory of paint and other information.
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