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Introduction To Ex PDA

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Introduction of DORLAND Industrial Explosion-proof Handheld Terminal, Ex PDAs

PDA handheld terminal integrates barcode scanning, RFID reading and writing, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other functions, especially the RFID reading and writing function is widely used. Let us briefly understand the working principle of the RFID system structure:

The RFID portable handheld terminal integrates the antenna, the reader, and the host computer. After the RFID tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the radio frequency signal sent by the reader and transmits the product information stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current. Or, the tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency, the reader reads the information and decodes it, and sends it to the central information system for related data processing.

Let's take a look at the major application scenarios of PDA handheld terminals.

Warehouse management

The PDA handheld terminal is used to make clear database records of the types, quantities, production attributes, stacking positions and other information of the goods in the warehouse, to obtain accurate goods data and supply chain information at each stage of the logistics chain.

Logistics management

By Connecting to the host computer through wireless network, the staff of the receiving department can scan the barcode of the goods with a PDA handheld terminal, confirms the item number, and then enters the quantity of the goods to see whether the goods meet the order requirements.


The PDA handheld terminal can be used to query the patient-related information in the ward, making ward management easier and more agile, and can quickly query the patient's diagnostic records, treatment procedures, and customized ward maintenance.

Production line management

Enterprises can rely on the information system ("one object, one code") established by PDA handheld terminal to improve the management efficiency of production, distribution and warehousing. This helps managers to easily control the real-time production situation of the enterprise and improve the convenience of management.

Cargo inventory

The tally clerk only needs to use the handheld terminal, go to the shelf number according to the instructions, scan the barcode of the designated product, check the product after confirming it, and then upload the information to the background management system in real time through the handheld terminal for data analysis.

In order to help enterprises to create a safe and efficient working environment, DORLAND independently developed and manufactured a special industrial-grade intelligent explosion-proof PDA.

The difference between explosion-proof PDA and ordinary PDA is that, the former has passed the national explosion-proof certification, while the later do not have. Explosion-proof PDA has undergone special explosion-proof treatment. It is designed with explosion-proof batteries and explosion-proof circuits. Explosion-proof PDAs have less current and will not cause an accident even if one circuit node is short-circuited. At the same time, the shell of the explosion-proof handset is made of anti-static, insulating and flame-retardant materials.

DORLAND explosion-proof PDA can be widely used in flammable, explosive, and hazardous chemical environments, such as explosive gas and dust sites in petroleum and petrochemical, natural gas, chemical, smelting, and other industries. On the premise of ensuring the safety of the production environment, it brings great convenience to the realization of applications such as inspection, chemical management, on-site storage and exit management, and on-site material management.

DORLAND Industrial Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof PDA, iDEN 02

Beijing DORLAND System Control Technology Co., Ltd. has launched iDEN_02, an intrinsically safe intelligent full-NetCom industrial-grade explosion-proof handheld terminal with intrinsically safe circuit design, a domineering appearance, and a sturdy body.

Exquisite and compact, easy to hold and carry, 4.0-inch resolution (480*800) industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch, provides good visual effects, and supports outdoor reading in sunlight.

High-end full physical buttons, with 22 ordinary buttons, 1 main scan button, 2 side scan buttons and other physical buttons, combined with the thumb size design, the pressing feel is perfect.

Extreme environment, easy to deal with. The combination of physical buttons and touch screen operation is suitable for the needs of industrial environments, and it can operate accurately in harsh environments such as thunderstorms and sandstorms.

This product is equipped with Android 8.1 / 10.0 intelligent operating system, adopts high-performance processor, and has a strong configuration. Equipped with high-speed octa-core 2GHz/quad-core 1.1GHz/1.3GHz high-speed processor, 4G RAM+64G ROM/6G RAM+128G ROM/2G RAM+16G ROM large-capacity storage space, support multiple programs to run quickly and smoothly at the same time, can process various task instructions with high-speed and high-efficiency.

This device can integrate built-in UHF reading and writing, barcode scanning, NFC reading and writing, high-definition camera, GPS positioning and other modules and functions. It is suitable for outdoor construction, pipeline inspection and other functions. It can cooperate with OA office system, inspection and positioning system, data acquisition system and other applications. It is especially suitable for dangerous and explosive environments, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, oil depots, tank farms and other dangerous places with flammable and explosive gases, which is convenient for users to communicate with production and scheduling in a timely manner.

DORLAND Industrial Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof PDA, Ex PDA 7100/7200

DORLAND Ex PDA 7100/7200 has an explosion-proof grade of Ex ib IIC T4 Gb/Ex ib D21 T130, and double explosion-proof certification for gas and dust. It can also ensure safe and efficient operation of equipment in hazardous environments and ensure the safety of personnel and property.

Protection grade: IP65, suitable for various high and low temperature, dust, oil, high humidity, and harsh environments.

Equipped with Android 11.0 intelligent operating system, quad-core CPU, strong configuration.

5.2-inch touch capacitive large screen + physical keyboard solution, easy to apply.

Professional scanning engine, accurate one-dimensional and two-dimensional recognition; can be integrated with built-in ultra-high frequency reading and writing, the card reading distance can reach 7m to 15m, high-efficiency group reading, the speed can reach 900tage/s, and data collection can be easily completed.

Built-in NFC read/write, iris recognition, high-definition camera, GPS positioning and other modules, and functions are suitable for outdoor construction, pipeline inspection and other functions, and can be used with OA office systems, inspection and positioning systems, data acquisition systems and other applications.

DORLAND Industrial Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof PDA, Ex PDA600i

Adopt 5.5-inch high-definition large screen, mainstream 18:9 screen ratio design, with better visual experience.

9000mAh large battery capacity lithium-ion explosion-proof battery, which can stand by for 360 hours and work continuously for 10 hours.

Dual-band Wi-Fi, 4G high-speed transmission, faster and more stable.

The front camera can provide vivid self-defense and clear video calls, and the rear 13-megapixel camera can quickly take pictures without distortion.

It can be equipped with R2000 high-performance module and can realize tag group reading. Outdoor open environment reading distance 20 meters, with strong reading distance performance and RF penetration.

Various optional modules: barcode acquisition/NFC/RFID (UHF/HF/LF)/fingerprint recognition/ID card recognition/handle.

Double-sided scanning design, easy to operate blindly, can be equipped with trigger handle, ergonomic design, long-term holding without tiring hands can effectively relieve the hand soreness of high-intensity work, bringing you a comfortable operating experience.

DORLAND Industrial Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof PDA, Ex PDA500i

5.0-inch capacitive touch screen.

Multiple modes to choose from: 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID, fingerprint recognition, ID card recognition and other functions can be flexibly matched, which fully realizes the highly integrated and freely optional features of the handheld terminal.

Equipped with Honeywell imported R2000 high-performance module, using omnidirectional ceramic antenna, with professional scanning handle and shield, support UHF single tag and multi-tag reading distance up to 7m, 360° omnidirectional reading.

DORLAND was established in 2004. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in product development and service in the field of industrial automation control technology and safety and explosion-proof. In line with the safety mission of "Your safety is our mission.", after more than ten years of R&D and innovation in explosion-proof professional technology, it has developed into a leading enterprise of professional explosion-proof communication equipment in China, helping enterprises create a safe and efficient working environment.

DORLAND will stand at a new starting point, face opportunities and challenges calmly, surpass itself, actively innovate, and provide customers with advanced and reliable products, applicable and effective explosion-proof solutions and safe explosion-proof engineering, as well as systematic and complete technical support and services. Achieve the perfect integration of efficiency and safety.

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Beijing dorland system control technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in safe explosion-proof products research.



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