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Introduction of Dorland’s Services and Guarantees on Intrinsically Safe Industrial Explosion-proof Smart Mobile Terminals

In line with DORLAND’s service concept - keep improving, win trust from serving, and create value with professionalism, DORLAND provides after-sales services on all its products, including explosion-proof mobile phones, explosion-proof tablets, explosion-proof smart wearables, explosion-proof handheld terminals, explosion-proof laptops, explosion-proof smart intercoms and other equipment.

Providing after-sales service of electronics is the key to the hardware industry on building its own brand. The improvement of after-sales service quality also plays an important role in product sales and marketing. DORLAND's complete service system and service personnel training plan are the basis for building a meticulous and perfect after-sales service team. On the other hand, the service and professional awareness are the basis for cultivating service personnel. Relying on such a team, DORLAND can continue providing customers with high-quality services. As the president of HUAWEI, Ren Zhengfei said, loyal customer service is the only reason for Huawei's existence. Loyal customer service is also the only reason for DORLAND's existence.

If you encounter a failure during the use of DORLAND’s devices, please contact one of our related staffs in time. Within 7 days after the customer receives the product, any intrinsically safe explosion-proof products provided by DORLAND can be returned, exchanged, or fixed. You may experience a process showing below in this case:

We have a comprehensive customer service guarantee system. Before sale, DORLAND’s experienced professional engineer technical team and sales team will technically fully research the solutions and options suitable for customers according to the needs of customers. We support customers to customize software and hardware to a certain extent, so as to formulate different solutions for the professional needs of different customers. In terms of sales, our professional sales team can perfectly complete the customer's pre-sales consultation and solve customers' questions and concerns through professional quality and thoughtful service.

Our after-sales guarantee supports online service and offline support respectively. If customers need support, our after-sales specialists will communicate frankly with customers, making failure analysis to guide the next step. We guarantee that our after-sales service can respond within 24 hours and try to choose the most beneficial and efficient way to solve the problem for customers. We have engineers to analyze and guide online, and solve difficulties for customers through telephone communication, remote control, network video, etc., and we can send engineers to the site for guidance when needed.

After long-term work practice, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, so we will also conduct appropriate training on serving our customers. If necessary, you can contact us. We will send specialists to the site to guide the use of our explosion-proof products, including the interpretation of the manual, common crashes, failure to boot, troubleshooting, and daily maintenance. DORLAND always attached great importance to the training and guidance of users, because through offline guidance, users can better understand our explosion-proof products, and it will also allow us to improve our products more efficiently.

When a customer encounters some machine failures and needs to be repaired offline, we can complete the repair of the machine within 10-15 working days. The whole process of maintenance is focused on the details. During maintenance, we will quantify the cost of each maintenance module to reduce customer maintenance costs and ensure that the quality of maintenance services does not decline. After the repair, professional quality inspectors will conduct quality inspection of the products before delivery to ensure that the products sent out can be sent to customers after solving the faults encountered by customers. During the maintenance process, we will fully communicate with customers, so that customers can understand the progress and failure analysis in real time.

Still having questions about our after-sales service?

These Q&As may help you:

The service system that DORLAND pursue should not only solve the problems of the products, but also make certain contributions to the subsequent use of customers. For this purpose, DORLAND establishes relevant files, makes use of existing customer base resources, attaches importance to the feedback of maintenance information, and analyzes relevant data resources, equipment maintenance conditions, and fault conditions, to make certain suggestions for the customer's usage and usage environment. DORLAND also optimizes and improves the explosion-proof intelligent equipment according to relevant data to meet more diverse needs and provide higher quality.

We sincerely welcome you to contact us and participate in our after-sale questionnaires to evaluate our services, and we will make corresponding improvements based on your evaluations and suggestions. DORLAND will continuously improve the service level, and your satisfaction will always be our pursuit.

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